SLLAT/LTRG Seminar: Nivja de Jong (Utrecht University)

Date: 28 April 2014 Time: 15:30-17:00

Venue: Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre

Production and perception of L2 fluency

Nivja de Jong

Speakers need to conceptualize an intended message, formulate this message linguistically and phonetically, and finally articulate the appropriate sounds. Executing these processes in time is by no means a simple task, which becomes apparent through disfluencies in speech. It is estimated that 6 in every 100 words is disfluent in some way, and in complex speaking tasks, up to half of the speaking time can be spent in hesitating and pausing. Second language (L2) speakers face an even harder task while speaking in their L2, because much of the processes to produce speech in the L2 may not be as automatic and effortless as they are in the L1.

In this talk I present research that has investigated the causes of disfluencies in L2 speech, and that has explored to what extent disfluencies may be indicative of L2 proficiency. I will also present recent research on the perception of L2 disfluencies: do fluency raters judge L1 and L2 disfluencies in a similar manner and do listeners perceive disfluencies in L1 and L2 speech similarly?

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