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The new website is currently under construction and contains the latest details of the UCREL Corpus Research Seminar.

The UCREL Corpus Research Seminar (UCRS) is a forum for all staff, visiting academics, and postgraduate/research students interested in corpus-based research in any area of linguistics. UCRS is run by UCREL (University Centre for Corpus Research on Language) in the Departments of Linguistics and Computing.

UCRS meetings offer an opportunity to present work in progress and receive helpful feedback, discuss relevant research, approaches and methods, get experience in using corpus interfaces and tools, and stay up to date with corpus-based research in the departments of Linguistics and Computing. We welcome anyone who is a newcomer to this exciting and growing area of linguistics. There are semi-regular presentations from researchers from other departments and universities.

UCRS meetings in 2009-2011 are Mondays 3 pm in meeting room 1 in the FASS building, unless otherwise indicated.

If you need more information, or want to give presentation, please contact one of the UCRS coordinators:

1. Mazura Mastura Muhammad (m.muhammad-...]lancaster.ac.uk)

2. Ghada Mohammed (mohammedg[...]lancaster.ac.uk)





timetable - term 1 2009/2010

timetable - term 2 2009/2010

timetable - term 3 2009/2010

timetable - term 1 2010/2011

timetable - term 2 2011/2011

UCREL Corpus Research Seminar, Lancaster University