Pragmatics and Stylistics Research Group (PaSTY)

The Pragmatics and Stylistics Research Group (PaSTY) discusses linguistic approaches to the study of both literary and non-literary texts, and developments and applications in pragmatics. The group is open to anyone with an interest in these areas and meetings are usually held fortnightly. Topics for discussion vary depending on the interests of members and the availability of guest speakers (often major scholars in the field). We regularly discuss work-in-progress in order to help members of the group with their research. We also analyse texts together and discuss book proposals and newly published articles.


Normal meeting time: Wednesday at 4.00.

In 2013-14, speakers will include:

Mick Short (Lancaster University)
Geoffrey Leech (Lancaster University)
Catherine Emmott (University of Glasgow)
Tatiana Tkacukova (Aston University)
Monika Bednarek (University of Sidney)


Coordinator: Elena Semino (Ext. 94176 Email:


MA Students, research students, visiting students/scholars and staff


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