Edinburgh Textbooks in Empirical Linguistics

A linguistics series from Edinburgh University Press

Series Editors: Tony McEnery and Andrew Wilson

Empirical linguistics is enjoying a renaissance with the increasing availability and convenience of large data banks (or "corpora") or natural language, and the realization that theory needs to be firmly based on language as it is, rather than imposed from above on unwilling data. This new textbook series provides accessible introductions aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students of linguistics, modern languages, and computing who are using corpus-based approaches in their study of language.

International Editorial Advisory Board
Ed Finegan, University of Southern California, USA
Dieter Mindt, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Bengt Altenberg, Lund University, Sweden
Knut Hofland, Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities, Bergen, Norway
Jan Aarts, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Pam Peters, Macquarie University, Australia
Geoffrey Pullum, University of Southern California, USA

The series consists of three core volumes introducing empirical linguistics itself, with further volumes focusing on particular areas of language study (e.g. stylistics; lexicography) from an empirical perspective. Each volume contains:

The core titles are:

Corpus Linguistics

Tony McEnery and Andrew Wilson

Published: July 1996

The emphasis is on practical understanding, considering the subject's background, contemporary applications, and future potential.

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Language and Computers

Geoffrey Barnbrook

Published: July 1996

This book provides the basic tool kit for anyone approaching corpus-based research for the first time, from a variety of disciplines.

Statistics for Corpus Linguistics

Michael Oakes

Publication: January 1998

Encourages the practical exploitation of empirical data through individual and class exercises.