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Reading List - suggested books on methodology

Course book:

Sebba, Mark (2000): Focussing on Language: a  student's  guide to research planning,  data collection, analysis  and writing up. Lancaster, Definite Article Publications.
(You are recommended to obtain a copy of this. Price 2.50)

Other books which may be useful in planning and thinking about research:

Bell, Judith (1993): Doing your research project : a guide for first-time researchers in education and social science. - 2nd ed. Open U.P.

Goddard, Angela (1993): Researching language : English project work at 'A' level and beyond. Lancaster : Framework Press.
ISBN: 1850080240

Wray, Alison, Kate Trott, and Aileen Bloomer (1998): Projects in linguistics : a practical guide to researching language. London, Arnold.

Books which give you an introduction to particular approaches to language research:

(Need more bibliographic information?

Agar, Michael:  The professional stranger: an informal introduction to ethnography.

Carter, Ronald. Working with texts : a core book for language analysis. Routledge, 1997/2001 

Fairclough, Norman, Language and power. 

David Graddol, et al ( eds ) Researching language and literacy in social context 

Langford, David: Analysing talk: investigating verbal interaction in English 

Robert Nofsinger, Evervday conversation 

Tony Mcenery and Andrew Wilson: Corpus linguistics 

Evelyn Hatch & Anne Lazaraton, The research manual: design and statistics for applied research 

Herbert Seliger & Elena Shohamy, Second language research methods 

Books which deal with more advanced topics such as fieldwork methods, ethics and problems of research

D Cameron et al Researching Language: Issues of Power and Method (unfortunately out of print - but read it!) 

Paul Atkinson, The ethnographic imagination: textual constructions of reality 

Martyn Hammersley & Paul Atkinson, Ethnography: Principles in practice 

Gunther Kress, Linguistic Processes in sociocultural practice 

David Silverman, Interpreting Qualitative data: methods for analyzing talk. text and interaction 

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ETHNOLOGUE Languages of the World database - contains background information on thousands of languages, e.g. number of speakers, where spoken, dialects etc. etc.

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