LING 415:  Introduction to Language Teaching 1

Course Aims and Objectives

This course introduces you to the main theoretical principles and practical procedures involved in a number of core areas of English language teaching classroom methodology - lesson planning, teaching reading, and teaching the language system (grammar). You will be encouraged to acquire an academic perspective on these topics, that is, become aware of and able to critically evaluate the major debates underlying each of them. This work is complemented by a series of related 'Professional Practice and Review' sessions, comprising about 45% of the work of the course as a whole. Here, you will be given the opportunity to work in small groups to prepare and try out short language teaching lessons related to each of the the inputs and to subsequently discuss and reflect on the experience. In these ways, the course hopes to promote understanding and ability both through academic input and by related 'learning by doing'.

Course Content

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Introduction to Module, Professional Practice and Review component, and Assignment Topics
  2. Lesson planning
  3. Teaching comprehension 1 - reading
  4. Professional Practice and Review (PPR) 1 - Lesson planning
  5. Professional Practice and Review (PPR) 2 - Peer teaching 1
  6. Teaching the language system - 1
  7. Teaching the language system - 2
  8. Professional Practice and Review (PPR) 3 - Peer teaching 2
  9. Professional Practice and Review (PPR) 4 - Peer teaching 3

Recommended Reading

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A 5,000 word written assignment.


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