The Learning Zone   Postgraduate Discourse Studies students with  Distinguished Professor Ruth Wodak, March 2012   Bonnington Steps

PhD Linguistics
(by Research Only)

We have over 100 doctoral students currently studying with us on a full- or part-time basis, at Lancaster or off-site, so there is a strong doctoral-level research culture in our department. We have over 30 members of research-active academic staff and several researchers attached to specific research projects, so there are plenty of people to share your research ideas and experiences with. We welcome proposals for doctoral research in any of the Department's many areas of teaching or research.

PhD in Applied Linguistics
by Thesis and Coursework

Lancaster University's unique PhD in Applied Linguistics by Thesis and Coursework programme responds to the needs of numerous graduates who need a PhD for their job, but who have not been able to take time out in order to follow a full-time PhD programme. This programme is designed so that you can study mainly from home, doing work framed by several highly structured academic visits to Lancaster.


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