Degree Schemes

Single honours degrees

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Study Abroad option

All Single honours degrees have a 'Study Abroad' option (applied for via a separate UCAS code), which involves spending the second year at a university in North America or Australasia. The total length of the degree remains exactly the same, i.e. three years.

Teaching and assessment

You will normally experience a range of teaching methods: lectures, seminars (of up to 15 students) and workshops (of up to 30 students). You will learn to use computers and information technology related to language as part of your studies.

Normally, each course in the department is assessed by a combination of coursework and examinations. Coursework usually carries 40-50% of the overall assessment, while the examinations carry 50-60%. You can also opt to do up to four dissertations over your second and third years (this includes any compulsory dissertations), instead of writing the essays and taking the final examination.

The term 'coursework' is used to describe a wide range of different types of assessment such as essays, research projects, presentations, posters, assessed exercises and portfolios.


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