CHIN201: Chinese Language 3

Course description

CHIN201 progresses from CHIN200 and introduces more complex Chinese grammar and key sentence patterns systematically. Additionally, more advanced and extensive vocabulary items are introduced to enhance the students’ competence in communicating in Chinese in a range of demanding interactive situations. Students taking this module are expected to reach a higher standard than that expected on CHIN200, equivalent to undergraduate level Year 1. The weekly teaching consists of four contact hours, including a one-hour lecture teaching grammar and language functions, a two-hour seminar for listening and speaking practice, and a one-hour seminar for reading practice, grammar exercises and character learning.

Aims and objectives

This module aims to:

  • enable students to acquire more sophisticated skills in listening and speaking as well as reading and comprehension, building on the skills acquired through the intensive Chinese Part I course (or equivalent) and CHIN200;
  • ensure that students can recognise approximately 800 Chinese characters (including the 700-or-so words learned in CHIN100 and CHIN200);
  • continue to develop students’ competence for computing in Chinese.

Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • understand the connections between language, society and culture in Chinese context;
  • express themselves accurately with good pronunciation and tones about familiar subjects, with increasing confidence in a variety of contexts;
  • understand longer passages of spoken Chinese delivered at normal speed by answering questions or producing a summary;
  • have a systematic knowledge and understanding of more complex Chinese grammar and key sentence structures, and develop a finer and more extensive vocabulary and language functions;
  • read and understand passages of reasonable length written in Chinese characters such as a short story or simple newspaper article and produce extended pieces of written work in Chinese, including notes, letters and short essays with the help of a dictionary.

Recommended reading

Set Text:
Liu, Xun (2002/2010). A New Practical Chinese Reader (Textbook 4 and Workbook 4). Beijing: Beijing Language and Culture University Press. (2nd ed 2010)

See also the CHIN100 reading list, the materials from which remain relevant to Part II Chinese.

Key Facts

Credits 15
Terms taught 2
Restrictions None
Compulsory for Students on the following programmes must take this course in their second year:

English Language with Chinese; Linguistics with Chinese; French with Chinese, German with Chinese, Spanish with Chinese; Politics with Chinese; Philosophy with Chinese; Religion with Chinese.
Prerequisites CHIN200
Assessment Two language assessments (20% each), plus one spoken test (20%) plus a two-hour written exam (40%).  The exam is taken in the summer term.
Visiting students
This module is not normally available to visiting students.

For further information contact Vittorio Tantucci



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