CHIN300: Chinese Language 4

Course description

This module is designed for students who have acquired an intermediate level of the Chinese language in terms of speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing of the modern Chinese language through the intensive Part I Chinese programme (CHIN100) and the Year 2 modules (CHIN200 and CHIN201).  The module will use authentic texts (slightly adapted from originals) from a range of sources and genres to help students communicate in a systematic and comprehensive manner using appropriate expressions and language norms in context, and develop further proficiency in understanding and expressing in-depth and intellectual comments using advanced Chinese language skills. It will also develop students’ advanced language skills including translating between English and Chinese as well as extended writing.  The weekly teaching consists of four contact hours, including a one-hour lecture teaching grammar and language functions, a two-hour seminar for listening and speaking practice, and a one-hour seminar for reading and writing practice.

Aims and objectives

This module aims to:

  • develop students’ Mandarin Chinese language skills to reach a post-intermediate level of Chinese (equivalent to undergraduate level Years 2 and 3).  This will include the ability to converse fluently and confidently with native or competent speakers on everyday practical topics and also express their opinions on a range of issues appropriately in various forms and contexts;
  • write coherent passages in Chinese characters and understand simple newspaper articles and other written documentation with limited reference to a dictionary;
  • enable students to acquire an extended knowledge and understanding of complex structures and genres in Chinese as well as basic knowledge and skills of translating/interpreting between English and Chinese;
  • ensure that students can recognise up to 200 new characters, in addition to the 800 characters previously learnt via CHIN100, CHIN200 and CHIN201.

Upon successful completion of this module, students will:

  • be able to listen and understand spoken Chinese delivered at normal speed on a variety of topics relating to Chinese society as well as proficiency in understanding and expressing in-depth and intellectual comments using advanced Chinese language skills;
  • have the ability to speak Chinese accurately with adequate linguistic proficiency and intercultural awareness so that they can converse freely and appropriately with a native speaker in a variety of contexts, including delivering presentations and participating in discussions;
  • be capable of reading and understanding a lengthy passage on a wider range of general and specialised topics in different styles;
  • possess advanced language skills of extended writing in Chinese, including notes, letters and essays as well as translating between English and Chinese.

Recommended reading

Set Text:
Liu, Xun (2002/2010). A New Practical Chinese Reader (Textbook 5 and Workbook 5). Beijing: Beijing Language and Culture University Press. (2nd ed 2010)

See also the CHIN100 reading list, the materials from which remain relevant to Part II Chinese.

Key Facts

Credits 15
Terms taught 1
Restrictions None
Compulsory for Students on the following programmes must take this course in their second year:

English Language with Chinese; Linguistics with Chinese; French with Chinese, German with Chinese, Spanish with Chinese; Politics with Chinese; Philosophy with Chinese; Religion with Chinese.
Prerequisites CHIN200 and CHIN201
Assessment One language assessment (20%), one word-processed 300-character piece of writing on an assigned topic (20%), plus one spoken test (20%) plus a two-hour written exam (40%). %). The exam is taken at the end of Term 1 or the start of Term 2.
Visiting students
This module is not normally available to visiting students.

For further information contact Vittorio Tantucci


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